Megan McDonald

10 things you may not know about Megan McDonald

  • The first story Megan ever got published (in the fifth grade) was about a pencil sharpener.

  • She read the biography of Virginia Dare so many times at her school library that the librarian had to ask her to give somebody else a chance.

  • Megan had to be a boring-old pilgrim every year for Halloween because she has four older sisters, who kept passing their pilgrim costumes down to her.

  • Her favorite board game to play is the Game of Life.

  • She is a member of the Ice-Cream-for-Life Club at Screamin’ Mimi’s in her hometown of Sebastopol, California.

  • She has a Band-Aid collection to rival Judy Moody’s, including bacon-scented Band-Aids.

  • She owns a jawbreaker that is bigger than a baseball, which she will never, ever eat.

  • Like Stink, she had a pet newt that slipped down the drain when she was his age.

  • Megan often starts a book by scribbling on a napkin.

  • She was once the opening act for the World’s Biggest Cupcake!

Peter H. Reynolds

10 things you may not know about Peter H. Reynolds

  • He has a twin brother, Paul. Paul was born first, fourteen minutes before Peter decided to arrive.

  • Peter is part owner of a children’s book and toy shop called Blue Bunny in the Massachusetts town where he lives.

  • He’s vertically challenged (aka short!).

  • His mother is from England; his father is from Argentina.

  • He made his first animated film while he was in high school.

  • He sometimes paints with tea instead of water — whatever’s handy!

  • He keeps a sketch pad and pen on his nightstand. That way, if an idea hits him in the middle of the night, he can jot it down immediately.

  • His favorite candy is a tie between peanut-butter cups and chocolate-covered raisins (same as Megan McDonald!).

  • One of his favorite books growing up was The Tall Book of Make-Believe by Jane Werner, illustrated by Garth Williams.

  • He shares a birthday with James Madison, Stink’s favorite president!

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