Who’s Who

Good moods, bad moods, in-between moods: Judy Moody has them all. She is mood-tastic! She has been Dr. Judy Moody, M.D.; Madame M-for-Moody Judy; Judy Drewdy, Girl Detective; a Tutor Tot; and a Mood Martian. (And that's not all!) RARE!
Judy's younger brother and Master of Disaster. Super smart, super short, a super smeller, a sometime-superhero, and definitely super annoying. Likes hanging out with his best friends, Sophie of the Elves and Webster Gomez.
aka Kate. Married to Dad (aka Richard). Still waiting to celebrate at least one disaster-free birthday with her family.
aka Richard. Married to Mom (aka Kate). Former drummer for kid garage band named Tom Turkey and the Electric Drumsticks.
A member of the My-Name-Is-a-Poem Club in good standing. Also, World Explorer à la Nellie Bly, and Ace Reporter, hot on the trail of the biggest scoop ever - the Great Virginia Sea Serpent!
aka Frank Eats-Paste Pearl. Master awful-waffle chef, occasional fun sponge, but mostly loyal, thrill-a-delic friend.
Rocky Zang, aka the Amazing Mr. Magic. Neighbor, friend, and classmate since forever, proud member of the T. P. Club, and caretaker of an iguana named Houdini.
Jessica Finch, Queen-Bee speller, neatnik, rules-follower, and hand-raiser. Always in the pink, owner of PeeGee WeeGee, runaway pig. Basically the opposite of Judy Moody!
Best third-grade teacher ever. He'll help you save the planet, he'll take you on a tour of the world in only 8 ½ days, he'll stick his neck out for you. He'll even let you dance the tarantella or yarn-bomb a car, all in the name of education!
Judy Moody's grandmother on her father's side. Loves her kayak, Gertrude; her dog, Pugsy; and her grandkids, Judy and Stink. Excels at playing board games, telling stories in the dark, and keeping lists.
The Moody family's astonishing, toast-making cat. Part-time pet psychic. Likes sunny spots, warm piles of laundry, and cat yoga.
Stink's pet toad and the cold-blooded mascot of the T. P. Club. Obedience school graduate! If he could speak, the Moody tales he could tell!