How to Speak Judy Moody

Here’s a handy guide to help you sound extra Moody, just like Judy!

aardwolf Do you know anyone who reminds you of an aardwolf, a termite-eating creature with “a pointy little head and beady little eyes and a pinched-up face”? (Think Jessica A. Finch!)
ABC gum
ABC gum Chewing gum that has already been chewed. Amy Namey has seen the world’s best-ever collection of ABC gum in Bubblegum Alley, San Luis Obispo, California. No lie!
Antartica To you, Antarctica probably means the South Pole. If you were in Class 3T, it would mean a desk in the back of the room where you’d have to go if you were in BIG TROUBLE or needed to CHILL OUT.
bad-i-tude Need we say more?
bother Have any siblings who are boys? Stink is Judy’s little brother, but most of the time, he’s a big bother!
cafeterrible A school cafeteria that doesn’t have a salad bar or hot chocolate with whipped cream or capuccino, and doesn’t serve breakfast all day.
flubber-upper Someone who makes a mistake. A Sleeping Speller who flunks her spelling test would be a flubber-upper!
for sure and absolute positive
for sure and absolute positive No question. Without a doubt.
genuine-and-for-real True. The actual thing.
Huzzah! How to say, “Yippee!” or “Rare!” Revolutionary style!
LBS A Long Boring Story, the kind adults might tell when they are trying to make something educational, like while you’re on a vacation or a trip to a museum.
math-ternity A very, very long time, like when you’re sitting in math class and you’re bored or confused, it can feel like a math-ternity.
non-boring Not boring, interesting.
or something
or something Whatever!
pond scum
pond scum Isn’t that the name of some sort of furry animal with sharp teeth?
Rare! What to say when you are wowed or impressed. When Judy first meets a Venus flytrap and learns that it eats bugs and raw hamburger, Judy reacts with an awestruck, “Rare!.” Double Rare! When “Rare!” alone doesn’t say it. Rare Squared! When “Rare!” or “Double Rare!” just aren’t enough.
Roar! What to say when you’re in a mood – a very bad mood. You might also say it to show that you’re feeling extra proud or victorious. ROAR-a-lini! How to express your anger when you’re also in an Italian mood.
so kindergarten
so kindergarten UN-college. PB and J sandwiches are so kindergarten, unlike veggie burgers.
Stinkbug This is what you get when you add three letters to “Stink.” How handy! (Stinkerbell works well, too!)
third-grade listening ears
third-grade listening ears Put these on when you need to pay extra special attention to something, like your teacher, or your principal when she’s making the Giraffe Award announcements!
Tutor Tot
Tutor Tot A student who needs extra help in school.
V.I.Q. A Very Important Question. For example, if you want answers to any of your V.I.Q.s, you might try asking a Magic 8 Ball.
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Yankee Doodle Dandy If something is really good, you might say it was Yankee Doodle Dandy, like getting to stay up late.
zero-teeny Nothing. Zip. None.